Live Dealer Blackjack

Online casino games have certainly come a long way in the last decade, and live dealer blackjack is one of the latest offerings from several well-known casino software developers. The presence of a real dealer via webcam adds to the realistic aspect of the game.

The Evolution of the Live Dealer

The transition from standard, computerized dealing in online blackjack to live dealers has been one that avid players will likely remember very well. Blackjack games with live dealers have changed rapidly over the last few years. When the concept was first introduced, players were greeted by a fuzzy image of a dealer who handed out very small, hard-to-read cards. Today, the cards are oversized, and many online casinos show players a digital version of the dealt cards somewhere on their screens.

Online Casinos with Live Dealers

Online blackjack live dealer games are becoming more and more popular as gamblers continue to express their interest. Casino Tropez is one of the more prominent casinos that offers this game variation; players can bet anywhere from $1.00 to $300.00 on a single hand. Another casino that offers live dealer blackjack is River Belle Casino with multiplayer live dealer tournaments at the players' disposal. Finally, All Slots casino boasts live dealer games with seven-player table capacity; there is room for even more players behind the table.

Live Dealer Pros and Cons

Gamblers often state that the live dealer in an online casino certainly adds to the overall casino 'feel'. With this being said, these games are, in fact, the closest many players ever come to playing real casino blackjack. Live dealer games are not without their drawbacks, however. Players with a slower internet connection may experience a fair amount of lag time and even miss the opportunity to hit or stand on occasion. This can be detrimental in high-stakes games, so it is recommended for players with slower internet connections to upgrade before playing live dealer games.

Casinos like slots may not offer live dealer blackjack just yet, but there are plenty of casinos that have taken the first step toward this new technology. Online casinos are still evolving, and the main goal is to provide the players with what they wish for.